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September 9, 2013
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Galassio Halter by emmy1320 Galassio Halter by emmy1320
Show: Valley Lace Stables MiniShow
Class: Halter
Horse: Cavaliere di stelle
Handler: Stella Ferera
Placing: 5th and Grand Champion

Stella clutched onto Galassio's lead rope as she led him to the show ring, Galassio looked at her as if he were rolling his eyes and gently nudged her reassuringly "it will be alright" he said even though she couldn't hear his words she nodded, kissed his nose and walked forward as his name was called.

"Cavaliere Di Stelle!" The announcer shouted. Galassio trot in the arena with his head held high lifting his legs with utter grace and elegance, he ignored the audience and judges as he kept glancing at Stella reassuringly to make sure she was ok. Galassio's long flowing mane bounced with every step and his gorgeous thick neck practically shone through his long mane as the light bounced off his sleek black fur. The room fell silent. Galassio and Stella slowed to a lovely walk as their performance was nearing its end, Galassio held is head in slightly showing off his muscular stallion neck, they halted on the centre line and bowed as their performance ended. The crowed cheered and clapped at their performance, Galassio whinnied slightly at the excitement but kept his composure.

Galassio and Stella patiently wait as the other contestants took their turn around the arena, some of them where well behaved showing lovely paces and others would throw their heads up and dance around their handlers. Stella relaxed realising how well behaved her horse actually was.

The judges walked inbetween the horses checking them over, they asked Galassio and Stellla to trot around the arena once more. Galassio almost smiled at the request as he threw his head up and took off in a steady trot with Stella looking very pleased by his side as he proudly trot around the arena once more. They halted again and the judges made their decision as they readied to hand out the ribbons.. But would Galassio get one?

Artists Comments:
Galassio showing off his new halter! I will reveal the complete tack set soon! So excited (:

Horse and Breed (c) me
Reference- google
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HorsesRunninByMe Oct 2, 2013  Student General Artist
I cannot get over how realistic and amazing this looks :love: :faint:
Haha thank you so much! 
HorsesRunninByMe Oct 3, 2013  Student General Artist
No problem :)
im afraid RNG  decided to place you 5th but i have also awarded you the grand champion for halter  because this is stunning^^
Ahh he's always getting 5ths these days bless him, but thank you very much!! 
better luck next time then eh?
Lets hope so! 
Moved-Account2 Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i generallty thought it was a friesian!! 
EmeraldTheWolf Sep 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
so realistic!!! absolutely beautiful work!
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